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Dear Headteachers,

We appreciate it’s a busy time of year and the countdown to your well earned summer break has probably commenced.

BUT FIRST, we need your help! By now you should’ve received this letter in the post providing more information about our Annual Quality and Impact Review of School Provision survey which needs to be completed by Friday 1st July. Take a look at the top article in this newsletter to find out why we carry out the annual survey and how the results impact your school.

We’ve also developed a FREE auditing tool for you and your teaching staff. The free tool measures and reviews the impact of your PE and School Sport, whether that’s delivered with / by an external provider or by your own staff.

We hope you enjoy this month’s newsletter. If you have any questions, hit the button below to get in touch.

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HIGH IMPORTANCE Annual Quality and Impact Review Survey - Your View Counts!

Premier Education Group’s (PEG) desire to improve is engrained into everything that we do. Every year we develop our school based PE & school sport programme we deliver within your school. This includes management, delivery, supporting high standards and providing consistent quality outcomes for all your pupils.

We do this through a very thorough and ongoing Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) process. Stage four of the CQI process is our Annual Quality and Impact Review of School Provision survey that we will ask all our partner schools to complete online soon. The survey is based on the provision you have received from Premier Education Group this year.

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Delivering Excellence, Everywhere – Access Your FREE Auditing Tool...

Following on from the recent article written by Premier Education Group’s Education Advisor, Yvonne Gandy titled ‘Education Excellence Everywhere’; we’ve created an ‘Audit Wheel’ for you to access FREE of charge. The free tool allows you to measure and review the impact of your PE and School Sport, whether that’s delivered with / by an external provider or by your own staff.

We hope you find it useful and it can help you to shape your school improvement plan for next year whilst also creating new and exciting opportunities for all pupils in your school.

Download FREE tool

In the ‘Read More’ section below is a table that explains how and what we at Premier Education Group do to ensure we meet each criteria of the six headline areas from the report ‘Education Excellence, Everywhere’.

We use this criteria, along with the feedback from our Annual Quality and Impact Review of School Provision’ survey, as a checklist to ensure we are delivering the best possible opportunities for every child we work with.

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Chris “Kammy” Kamara visits East London school...

Sky Sports, football and TV personality Chris Kamara visited a school in East London recently, to launch Premier Sport’s Inspire to Engage promotion. Kammy truly inspired all of the children, as well as the teachers and Activity Professionals. After he shared his story with everyone in an inspirational assembly to start the day, talking the children through his upbringing and issues he faced as a youth, and how he overcame them to discover success.

Chris then delivered a practical football coaching session to the children, which they absolutely loved!

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Premier Sport’s Road to Rio Programme – Register your school!

There’s an exciting summer of sport ahead and this new programme will inspire your whole school community to celebrate, participate and link the associated sporting values with the work ethos and values of your school.

It’s a great opportunity to create wonderfully memorable experiences, encourage children, staff and parents to discover and learn about new sports, and harness the power of sport to help improve physical and mental wellbeing.

Together, we can support children to chase their dreams, achieve their goals and become the best they can be.

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