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‘Hello guys’, Andy’s back...

In this week’s vlog, Andy talks to you about the importance of learning how to ensure children and parents are talking positively about you.

1st4Sport PESS L2 qualification - have you completed your pack?

To date, 82 learners have attended the 1st4Sport PESS L2 qualification since the launch in November 2013, but ONLY 15 of these have successfully completed, passed and gained the certification.  

Did you know? Learners must complete their packs, within 18 months of attending the initial course.

To complete the pack, four Assessments will need to be completed in total:

  • 1 x completed on the course
  • 2 x by a peer or teacher
  • 1 x CAVA assessor

If you need to be signed off, please contact Mel Jackson who will arrange for an assessor to visit and complete the final assessment.

New stats show schools and parents are spending more - happy days!

We’re very pleased to report that the average spend per school is UP 14% from the same period last year and you’re also working with 14% MORE schools across the network against the same period last year.

If that’s not enough, we have some more very encouraging network stats to report below -

Extracurricular -

  • Revenue generated is UP by 30% against the same period last year.
  • Franchisees in their first 24 months of trading have delivered 43% MORE clubs than the same period last year, resulting in a revenue increase of 74%.

Holiday -

  • The average price per day is £1.65 more than last month and that’s 4% higher than last year.
  • The average attendance is 4% higher than last year.
  • Holiday course revenue is up by 56% based on the same period last year.

BMS UPGRADE - ‘Gender’ option NOW LIVE on ‘Attendance’ page of BMS

There is now an option to enter the gender of every child that attends your courses. This is now live on the BMS and can be found on the ‘attendance’ page.

Please ensure you select a gender for every child that attends your sessions/courses in the future.

Why have we done this?

Determining the gender of a child will be a crucial part of the reporting functionality soon to be available on the BMS. For example, this will allow you to compare how boys are performing compared to girls, see what activities girls prefer to attend and so on.

The more data you can input into the BMS, the greater evidence and reporting you can provide your head teachers with.

The impact of BLMs and Golden Mile – five year old girl so inspired she’s asked for a treadmill!

Please take two minutes to read this inspiring endorsement for one of Andrew Overhill’s schools in Somerset. They have been using the Golden Mile since September 2014 and the IMPACT of the Base Line Measurements (BLMs) has been unprecedented -

“At St Marys and St Peter's we have only 40 children and have managed to amass over 750 Golden Miles as a school since September 2014. The children have fully embraced the Golden Mile and have thoroughly enjoyed it. We have been out EVERY morning taking the boys and girls for 15 minutes, first thing in the morning (9.00am-9.15am) and have seen great results. We have noticed a big difference in behaviour during class time and readiness to learn, especially as you will be surprised to hear in the boys.

A year 1 girl (5 years old) has been so inspired that she’s asked for a treadmill for Christmas!”

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Are you protected? Check now!

It has been brought to our attention from our server management company that some franchisees maybe operating their email accounts and internet browsers without antivirus protection on their computers.

This could potentially have devastating effects on your business if left unchecked. Viruses can penetrate your software via email and internet and cause software failures. Your emails can become blacklisted and fail to reach intended recipients. This too has a wider effect on all the @premiersport.org and @premier-education.com domains thus affecting other mailboxes throughout the organisation.

Can you please ensure that if you are NOT protected you get the adequate provision immediately and update the security annually or as required.

We’re the preferred delivery partner for Premier Foundation

Great news - we’ve been chosen as Premier Foundation’s preferred delivery partner as a result of our scale, viability and quality of our business.

Premier Foundation is an independent registered national charity (Reg No. 1159095) founded in 2014 by Premier Education Group and was formed as part of our corporate responsibility agenda. The charity is seen as a continuation of our successful community work across the UK.

Premier Foundation delivers against several objectives; one of the organisations main aims is to combat obesity in children and young people, which we all know is becoming an urgent and pressing concern in today’s society.

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‘Hello guys’ – catch up on Andy’s previous vlog

Andy’s vlogs are a fantastic resource providing you with vital CPD, and might just be the difference from being a good Act Pro to ‘Ofsted outstanding’.

Missed a vlog?

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#7 The importance of CPD
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#9 Effectively using the short term planning templates

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