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‘Hello guys’ - First steps to becoming ‘outstanding’...

Demonstrating outstanding customer service

With the objective to provide outstanding customer service to parents, Franchisee Ben Pattenden has provided his Senior Activity Professionals with an Inspire to Engage course checklist.

They then have to submit a video via whatsapp before 8:30am on the first day of each holiday course. The video needs to contain all items on the checklist. This allows Ben to ‘inspect’ what they ‘expect’.

Feedback is then given on any improvements that need to be made before the course opens.

Please view the two videos submitted this week. Please note, one Senior Activity Professional has split this into two videos.

Adam Kempton’s holiday course has the ‘WOW’ factor – does yours?

Premier Sport’s Operations Director and franchisee, Danny Melling visited one of his holiday courses today and was left feeling massively underwhelmed but, on the other hand, franchisee Adam Kempton’s holiday course has the ‘WOW’ factor.

Danny comments: “There were 30-odd kids on my course, which was great, but the look and feel was terrible. A few A4 posters from the Inspire to Engage range randomly put up on walls, there were a line of cones / markers leading to the doorway but they had all been kicked around and the rubbish hadn’t been swept up. The registration desk was bland with no tuck-shop or merchandise displayed and there were a few ‘boot room’ branded posters on the wall. It certainly wasn’t ‘WOW’”.

In contrast, Franchisee Adam Kempton has gone above and beyond for his customers. He’s hired a vintage coffee van for £50 per day to give free drinks to parent’s as well as ensuring they all receive his summer course leaflets. If Adam gets four bookings as a result, it covers the cost of the van for the day.

This certainly has the ‘WOW’ factor!

Are you going ‘over and beyond’ for your customers? If so, it would be great to share photos/videos demonstrating your ‘WOW’ factors.

PPA vlog part two – Stuart Hancock on gaining new sales

Coming soon -

  • Part three - Bethan Bradshaw on the Premier Showdown and its benefits
  • Part four – Kirsty Bentley on how to promote and run holiday courses

Assessments just keep rising

We are pleased to announce that, from August 2014 to now, we have already carried out more assessments on Activity Professionals than the whole of the previous year August 2013 - September 2014.

To date, 1084 assessments have been scheduled or carried out across the network. As we enter the summer term, you should now be receiving your 3rd assessment of the year. These are great opportunities for your line manager to make you outstanding and highlight CPD recommendations ready for the new school year.

‘Hello guys’ – catch up on Andy’s previous vlog

Andy’s vlogs are a fantastic resource providing you with vital CPD, and might just be the difference from being a good Act Pro to ‘Ofsted outstanding’.

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